The Vierling



Marquette Harbor Brewery

In December 1995, the Vierling became one of Michigan’s first brew pubs with the addition of a five barrel micro-brewing system. The brew equipment, direct from Budapest, Hungary is configured to produce some of the finest ales and lagers in 155 gallon hand-crafted batches. The relatively small sized batches of beer insures a fast product turn-over which enables the Vierling to serve the freshest beer possible with a multitude of varieties.

The Brewery



Honey Wheat Ale

An American wheat ale, light, crisp, refreshing. Made with 35% White Winter Wheat and clover honey and finished with Czec Saaz Hops.
A.B.V. ~5.3%

Red Ale

A medium bodied, sweet and malty red hued amber ale. Brewed with American 2-row barley, Munich and caramel malts and balanced with hops from the Willamette Valley.
A.B.V. ~5.4%